I’m FAT!

Yes that is right, I’m fat. I have been all my life and to be honest I’m okay with who I am. Yes I would like to be healthy so I guess that would mean shedding off some pounds but I’m not rushing out to join a gym or buy a treadmill.
I’ve had my moments in life where I’ve been “thin” but I was a swimmer during that time. Even while I was in marching band (which was a lot of work) I still stayed “fat”. Now here I am at the wonderful age of 27, 2 months shy of 28 and still fat, more fat then I’ve probably ever been.
My husband tells me he loves me for who I am but wants me to be healthy. He has tried so many different things to motivate me to get off my butt and move. My therapist has even giving me some helpful hints (and yes I do go to therapy… God love Emily… she is amazing). And I know they both mean well and I understand what they are saying but something in me says “NO! Don’t do it!” And then I come up with a list of excuses:

I don’t like to sweat
I don’t want people to look at me
my legs cramp up
it makes me have to go to the bathroom
I don’t like being out in the heat
I get bored
I don’t have time
I’ll do it tomorrow
I’ll join the gym next week
I don’t have any clothes to wear

and so on, and so on…

So today is Wednesday August 12th and I have physical therapy for my knee tomorrow (probably hurt it because I’m fat) and I’m going to see what they say are good exercises for me to do to help shed some pounds but not injure my knee anymore. And I need to buy a swimsuit (for the fat girls) and hopefully I can take some of these unwanted pounds off my body.

We will see what happens.

Starting weight: 2 tons!!!
Goal Weight: 170lbs.
Pounds to shed: a bunch


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