So earlier in the week I had a conversation with my husband about this coming weekend, and going to dinner with his parents.  Well some how he forgot about the whole conversation and said we never made such plans.  It is so frustrating because if I forget a conversation he gets so mad with me but here he is forgetting a complete phone conversation that he had with his mother!!!  So last night I tried to talk to him some more about it only to hit a brick wall.  So I let it go and now today I thought I would mention it again.  He quickly wants nothing to do with it and it irritates me. What do I do???

This is the “plan” that I wanted for the weekend:

Friday – husband has guys night, I am out with my sister

Saturday – relax (me clean) during the day and go to his parents at night and see his brother, sister-in-law and brand new baby

Sunday – breakfast with an old college friend and then relax

To me that doesn’t sound like a bad weekend but he wants nothing to do with Saturday!!! So now I’m stuck and will have to figure out a “deal” to get him to agree with the whole weekend plans.


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