another day, another dollar…

Happy Monday!

I felt so good getting up this morning and feeling ready to start my day.  I knew coming into work that I was going to be all by myself until 3pm but oh how quiet it is.  One lady is on vacation, two are out sick, some are working from home, and others are just off. So that leaves me to answer the phones and play receptionist (which is not my job)!  I don’t mind helping out the rest of the team but seriously based on where I sit it looks like I’m a receptionist.  I’m the “staffing coordinator”! Oh well.

This weekend was fun.  Friday we went up to our friends house for her birthday.  It was nice to sit out on the deck and catch up with friends and family.  On our way home we had the unfortunate event of a flat tire! It was 10:30 at night on the highway. Luckily, we have AAA and a nice police officer came and sat behind us until AAA came.  It wouldn’t have been so bad if there wasn’t so much traffic but there was more then I wanted to deal with and I sure wasn’t going to let the husband get out and try to change it.  Thankfully, we had a full size spare so I can still get around for a bit before I have to cave and spend money on new tires.

Saturday our friend that we hadn’t seen in awhile came down to visit.  We went to lunch, then she and I went and had our nails done.  We met up with the husband and went and saw “500 Days of Summer”.  It was an alright movie but I was struggling to stay awake.  After the movie we went to dinner.  I felt that I had eatten so much already that day that I got a bowl of soup and some brocolli! Crazy but delicious.  We went home and I ended up crashing around 10pm. 

Sunday is my day of relaxation but I was also very productive.  I mowed the lawn, vacuumed the house, did some dishes, made dinner and even cleaned up while the husband watched a movie, bought a movie, got his car washed, and went to the grocery store! He has done his fair share though too.

Tonight I have physical therapy and then home for some quality time with the hubby.  Hopefully tomorrow people decide to show up to work so I’m not all alone…


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