Fall has arrived

I love the fall.  The crisp air.  The changing leaves.  The sweatshirts.  Curling up with hot cocoa and a blanket.  The sad thing about this time of year is that my husband hates this cold weather.  He would rather live in the summer all year long so now we struggle on what temperature to keep the house.  He normally will be walking around in his sweatpants, hoodie (with the hood on), and socks and then wrap up in a blanket.  I on the other hand will be sitting around in shorts and a tank top and if I have the blanket over me my toes are sticking out with NO socks on!


So an update on the house.  We have had one landscaper come over and give us some GREAT ideas.  I’m sure the price tag on the project will be more then we were wanting but it will at least give us some ideas of what to expect.

We bought a new bedroom set.  We have upgraded to a king size bed!  It will be here Saturday and I cannot wait!  Hopefully the husband doesn’t try to take over my whole area (like he currently does).  So now we will be able to complete our guest room.  Next on the inside stuff is to finish my closet stuff so that it is more organized.  We also have bought a new painting for our living room which helps us finalize the colors of our living room.  So now we need to build the entertainment center and decide which walls to paint and get the room set up.

Now we have a leak in our roof.  With all the rain we have been dealing with no one has been able to come over to our place to really get a good look at the problem.  Hopefully that won’t be a big expense. 


That’s the updates for now… more later.


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