uh oh…

So today is weigh in day.  I’m kind of nervous.  I know it is my own fault that I haven’t lost weight but still.  I have tried to keep my diet somewhat okay but with the holidays it has been so hard.  Plus with being out for surgery that took time away from the gym.  I just need to keep telling myself that tomorrow is a new day and it is about to be a new year.  If I could just loose one inch I would be happy.  A loss is a loss, right?


Another Year Comes to a Close

The holidays are slowly coming to an end.  In some ways I’m glad and at times I wish they would continue.  There is something about the holidays that bring out the best in some people.  The time to enjoy with family and friends is special and means something more than just a random get together during the year.

To sum up my holidays –

Christmas Eve the hubby and I got up early and went to our favorite bakery to buy the dessert for Christmas day.  We then went to the grocery store to buy the stuff for the breakfast casserole to take to my sisters.  Once home I made the casserole (which was super easy) and then we rested until it was time to go.  We arrived at the hubby’s aunt and uncles house around 6:30 to enjoy a delicious Italian meal and spend time with our special guests of the night.  The hubby’s cousin invited three of his friends over to celebrate that are from Turkey.  It was nice to have others share in our family traditions.  The night came to an end and we headed home knowing we had an early morning coming up.

I did receive a special gift on Christmas Eve.  When checking the mail I had an envelope addressed to me with no return address.  When I opened it I saw a poem titled “My First Christmas in Heaven”.  I immediately started crying but I knew whoever sent this to me was someone special and someone who really cared and also knew how important my mom was to me. I know now who sent it and even though she says it wasn’t her that it was my mom I want her to know how special that was to me.

Christmas – woke up at 8 to head to my sisters in Indiana. When we got there her house looked like it had exploded!  I guess that is what you get when you have triplets who understand what Christmas is all about!  We exchanged gifts and then ate brunch.  After brunch the boys went to play the new video game and my sister and I called the family.  We left around 2pm to make the trip to my in-laws house.

Thank goodness the weather wasn’t too bad for driving.  We made it to the in-laws in a little over an hour! We arrived at hubby’s parents house and exchanged gifts between all of us.  Baby Alexa stocked up on a lot of cute clothes!  The best gift though would be the family picture that we will take when we go on our family vacation in August.  Even though the hubby is not a fan of picture-taking it will be a great gift! 

Our cat got his dad a gift!  Little did he know it was all planned out by me!  He thought it was his parents that got him a new jersey so I was glad that we pulled off the surprise!

Hubby’s grandma is not doing so well health wise and feels that she has nothing to live for.  She made it very difficult to be around her with her constant complaining.  We were all making efforts to make her day better but nothing was seeming to work.  Her poor boyfriend is an angel to be able to put up with her.  I hope she has many more years with us but she needs to take care of herself and get in a nursing home and off a bunch of her medications.

Saturday –  we slept in a bit but woke up and went to breakfast at First Watch.  After breakfast we ran some errands (bought a new heater/humidifier/air cleaner!). We decided to go see a movie in the afternoon and hoped to go see Avatar but when we got there it was already sold out so we decided to see The Blind Side.  GREAT movie!  After the movie we headed home, ordered pizza and relaxed for the remainder of the night.  Around midnight we decided to head to the grocery store.  I love going grocery shopping in the middle of the night! There was no one there and so easy to move around.  We had planned out our meals for the next day so that we could truly enjoy a day at home! Got home and finally around 2:30 in the morning went to bed.

Sunday – woke up at 11am! (I love sleeping in). The hubby had been up for a while and was in the process of making muffins! They smelled delicious! Once I finally made it downstairs we had left over breakfast casserole and a muffin.  We watched a movie until the Bengals game came on.  Thank goodness the Bengals won! 

For Christmas in my stocking I received a Pizza cookbook so we decided to try one of the recipes for dinner.  Since we had ordered pizza the night before I was wanting to make one of the bread recipes.  We made a sun-dried tomato foccacia bread that was DELICIOUS! We had that and some tomato soup.  Perfect meal for a cold snowy day inside.

Monday – back to work we go… boo!

This week will be just as busy as the last but the busier I am the faster the week goes and the quicker my Jamaican vacation comes!

Wednesday – work out (December weigh in {this could be scary})

Thursday – New Year’s Eve at the Herron’s (always a good time!)

Friday – step mom in town

Saturday – more family time

Sunday – Trans-Siberian orchestra concert in Columbus

So here is to a busy week, a happy new year, and a great 2010!

Happy Holidays

Only 10 minutes left of work and then a 4 day weekend shall begin.  We are starting out tonight with some of the hubby’s co-workers at one of my favorite mexican restaurants.  After that I will need to rush home and pack up all my christmas presents.  Tomorrow morning (Christmas Eve) I need to get to the local bakery (Bonbonerie) to buy our holiday dessert (yes I’m lazy and don’t want to make anything).  Then I need to run to the store to buy stuff for the breakfast casserole that I need to bring on Christmas morning to my sisters so that her mother in law couldn’t bring hers!!! (I’ve never made a breakfast casserole!) I’ll rush home, make the casserole, clean myself up and by that time it will probably be time to head up to the hubby’s aunt and uncles house.  We will open presents, eat a great meal, laugh and have a good time then head home for a day full of driving.

I told my sister that we would be to her place by 10 (at the latest) which means that we need to get up by 8:30 to get there by 10. I can’t forget the breakfast casserole (that is something I would do!).  We will drive the 45 minutes to her place.  Watch the triplets open presents. Eat. Drive to the inlaws house for the rest of the evening. 

For the most part the evening will be relaxing but still a lot of driving.  Thanks goodness for a weekend right after all this to crash!

She’ll be coming around the mountain…

HAHA!  I may not be coming around an actual mountain but I’m out of surgery, stitches have been removed, and no weight was gained!!!

It is now official.  There will be no little babies coming from me.  While it was not something I had really planned on doing it still is sad to think that it can not be changed or anything.  So if the hubby and I ever change our minds adoption we will do!  I had my stitches removed this morning (in the dark)!  The power went out in the office and so with several candles lit and a nurse holding a flash light the doctor took out my stitches.  He said I should be good to go now! His exact words were “I charred you pretty good on your insides so you should be good to go!” haha No more periods for me!!!

Since I was out with surgery and discomfort I had to put the working out on hold.  I am happy to say that I have not gained any weight while I’ve been off! What a relief.  I start back up with my trainer the week after Christmas but I plan on trying to get into the gym a few times next week to see how well I can handle everything.

Christmas is right around the corner.  I am pretty much all done with my shopping!  Just need to finalize everything and we will be good to go!  Christmas eve will be heading up to my hubby’s aunt and uncles house then in the morning we will head to Indiana to be with my sister’s family followed by another drive up to my inlaws house!  Lots of driving but well worth it!

New Year’s Eve will be spent at the Herron’s again this year! Always a good time.  Hopefully everyone is on their best behavior this time around haha

Weight loss update

My loving friend Jesy told me it is time to put an update up about my first weigh in, so here goes:

Previous weight: ???

Current weight: 10 pounds less

Previous body fat %: ??

Current body fat %: 18% less

Total body inches lost in 4 weeks: 12 1/2

So pretty amazing results.  Now I hope I can do as well next month.  I am unfortunately having surgery next week so I will be out of commission for a bit but my trainer said just to stick to my diet and I should be okay (fingers crossed) and I’ll try to get myself to the gym for some low impact work outs and I should be okay.