Happy Holidays

Only 10 minutes left of work and then a 4 day weekend shall begin.  We are starting out tonight with some of the hubby’s co-workers at one of my favorite mexican restaurants.  After that I will need to rush home and pack up all my christmas presents.  Tomorrow morning (Christmas Eve) I need to get to the local bakery (Bonbonerie) to buy our holiday dessert (yes I’m lazy and don’t want to make anything).  Then I need to run to the store to buy stuff for the breakfast casserole that I need to bring on Christmas morning to my sisters so that her mother in law couldn’t bring hers!!! (I’ve never made a breakfast casserole!) I’ll rush home, make the casserole, clean myself up and by that time it will probably be time to head up to the hubby’s aunt and uncles house.  We will open presents, eat a great meal, laugh and have a good time then head home for a day full of driving.

I told my sister that we would be to her place by 10 (at the latest) which means that we need to get up by 8:30 to get there by 10. I can’t forget the breakfast casserole (that is something I would do!).  We will drive the 45 minutes to her place.  Watch the triplets open presents. Eat. Drive to the inlaws house for the rest of the evening. 

For the most part the evening will be relaxing but still a lot of driving.  Thanks goodness for a weekend right after all this to crash!


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