Jamaica Vacation Review

Friday night – went to bed at 12ish (way to late)

Saturday – woke up at 3am and headed to the airport.  Our flight was scheduled to depart at 6:30 so we got there around 4am only to find out that the ticket counter didn’t open until 4:30! We finally got our boarding passes and headed to our gate.  The flight from Cincinnati to Atlanta was okay.  I slept for a good part of it.  Once in Atlanta we grabbed some breakfast and then went to our next gate.  We arrived in Montego Bay around 12:30 and we were ready to face customs. 

**Words of advice – make sure you fill out your customs form correctly and if you make an error to not fix it on the form but fill out a new one instead!**

We made it through customs and then went to the Couples Lounge to wait for our shuttle.  We squeezed on the shuttle and almost 2 hours later we arrived at the resort.  Along the way we stopped at a place called “Jerk Chicken Joint”.  This was our first encounter of being offered drugs of any kind. 

Once at the resort we were greeted with a cool rag and a glass of champagne.  Frank took us to our room and we got comfortable and walked around the resort and up and down the beach.  We also stopped and ate some jerk chicken for lunch (delicious!).  For dinner on Saturday we went to the buffet.  It was only okay so I was kind of worried about the food the rest of the week but thankfully it turned out to be okay.  We called it an early night due to a long day of travelling.

Sunday – early morning for us (woke up at 7:30am) we went to breakfast and then back to the room to get ready for a day in the sun.  We spent some time on the beach and then headed over to the pool bar.  This ended up being our home away from home. We met some great people while sitting at the bar who we ended up hanging out with for the week. That night we made reservations for the formal dinner.  It was delicious! 

Monday – another day of relaxation with the catamaran cruise in the afternoon.  The cruise was about an hour to our destination.  We then had about 30 minutes to swim around the caves and slide off the boat. Monday night we went back to the dinner buffet where the meal was much better.

Tuesday – we really did nothing on Tuesday.  We walked along the beach and hung out at the swim up bar with our fellow friends.  For dinner we went to the “Asian” restaurant.  It was very good!

Wednesday – another day of relaxation.  We did end up going to Rick’s Cafe with two other couples.  Tony jumped off a cliff there and we had an appetizer and some drinks.  We then headed back to the resort and grabbed some dinner. 

Thursday – today we attempted snorkeling.  I realized it is not my favorite activity.  I had a hard time with the breathing part of it so I swallowed lots of salt water! Tonight was also the beach party night so we had the buffet for dinner again and then hung out on the beach with the newlyweds that we met.

Friday – I wanted to spend a lot of the day at the swim up bar area.  I needed to come home with a tan! (I failed at that)… I enjoyed my last day of having an amazing drink prepared by Tennyson!  For dinner on Friday we went to the Italian Restaurant.  Tony had lobster.  I tried it but did not like it.  After dinner we went back to our room to get ready to come home the next day.  Bed time was at 11pm.

Saturday – woke up around 6:30. Finished packing everything, ate our quick breakfast in the room and then headed to the shuttle.  The shuttle ride was much shorter this time since there wasn’t much traffic.  We got to the airport to only have to wait forever since the ticket counter wasn’t open again! 

Once we got our tickets and made it through the security check points we stopped at the duty-free store and got a few bottles of alcohol to bring home.  We then decided we should probably eat some lunch because of timing.  The Jamaican Bobsled Cafe was in the airport so we ate there and watched all of Cool Runnings!  Our flight left around 12:45.  Once in Atlanta we had about 1 hour to get through customs.  I was kind of worried about time but Tony kept us going at a quick pace so we made it through all of customs in about 30 minutes!  We then grabbed lunch and got on our next flight.  Arrived home and to our car around 7:30.  Once home we had to clean up all our clothes because they smelled like the ocean and dirty salt water!  Ordered a pizza and crashed!

Had a FABULOUS week and can’t wait to plan our next trip.  I think Cancun might be our next destination! Maybe next time we can get some friends to join us.

Items purchased:

sun screen,  bug spray, waterproof camera (next time I’ll remember to bring one from home), coconut purse, shot glass, beach bag, necklace, two anklets, shorts for Tony, sarong for me, vase for the in-laws, picture frame for us, some cooking supplies, a couple gifts and great memories!


busy week ahead

Our Jamaican vacation is right around the corner!  I cannot wait.  I’m going to pack everything up on Tuesday since that is my only free night before we leave.  This past week has also been fairly busy but it just helps make the time go faster.

This week: 2 workouts, about 4 inches of snow, going to bed early a couple nights, long work days, watching the Bengals win on Saturday (or I can hope)

Next week: 2 workouts, bunko!, nail appointments, birthday party, taking the cat to her grandparents, packing, going to bed early on Friday to be ready for our early morning on Saturday!

Since we are flying internationally we have to be at the airport 3 hours early! UGH! That means we need to leave the house at 3am!!!!

Updates in life: after taking a month off of working out in December I still had to face my weigh in.  I only gained 1 pound but I did get a couple of the inches back.  My awesome trainer and I came up with a new slogan for the year and set a pretty big goal.  I kept saying “New year, new me” and he changed it to “New me, now do me!” haha  We have a goal of 60 pounds by the end of April.  I personnally feel that is a lot but I’m going to aim for it.  I would really like to head to California 60 pounds lighter and show my parents how hard I have been working!

Speaking of California, the ticket has been purchased for June.  I’ll be heading out there alone this time but it will only be for a couple days and then back home I come!

Will update more once we get back to Ohio at the end of the month.