They say Tuesdays are the worst…

What a true statement.  Yes, Mondays are bad but Tuesdays are even worse!  On Monday you are spending a good part of your day catching up with friends about your weekend.  Then on Tuesday it hits.  The amount of work that you have to do but you are so incredibly tired that you struggle to get through the day. 

Time to rant about the day… leave now if you don’t want to hear it!

For me, today was one of the worst Tuesdays I’ve had in a long time.  I woke up this morning (at 5:45) thinking that today would be good.  I was starting out with a morning workout so I’d be full of energy, right?  WOW! I was completely wrong.  Having a workout at 6:30 in the morning is the last thing I should be doing.  I left feeling even more tired than when I went in and as the day went on my level of tiredness only got worse.  Then, the stomach started to rumble and the head started to hurt and the aches kicked in.  Now, not only am I tired but I’m also not feeling well at all! Right before lunch I had to run to the bathroom (not that you want to know that) but I was hurting and thought I was going to explode.  I took care of business and was feeling a little better, minus the head hurting. 

I also sit in an office with flourescent lights and the longer I sit here the worse my headache gets.  I told my husband that I just want to come home, curl up in a ball, and sit in a dark corner.  And while I’m there if you want to give me a massage that would be great too! I think I might of actually gotten him to agree (maybe a little… fingers and toes crossed)

I have 15 minutes left of my work day and I cannot wait! 

I never want to work out in the morning again

And I can only hope that this headache goes away (and pronto!)


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