Oh My Arms!

I think my arms might fall off!

Yesterday, Delmar gave me one big shoulder workout.  After I’m done with Delmar I usually go do some cardio, but not yesterday.  No way! I just wanted to get to my car and cry.  I don’t think I have every pushed myself that hard.  Each time I work out I’m finding out I have muscles that I NEVER knew existed!  I know in the long run it will pay off but in the mean time I think it might be easier to just cut off my arms!

Do you watch Biggest Loser?  I love the show.  I have debated trying out but then I don’t know how I could get out of work, be away from home, and I’m sure I could come up with a whole multitude of excuses.  Since I doubt I will never try out, I have debated on getting Jillian Michael’s weight loss supplies.  I’ve read up on it a little and it seems like it would be okay.  I just can’t picture her, or the show, putting something out that would be harmful for the body, if followed correctly.  Right?! I might stop at the local GNC and look into it and ask question.  To have that extra boost would be nice in this weight loss endeavor that I’m on!

19 days until my next weigh in… fingers and toes crossed


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