Good Times, Great Weekend!

The weekends are never long enough but this past weekend went WAY to fast!  I had so much fun!

Friday – spent the evening at home (well needed after a stressful week)

Saturday – went to my sisters to watch the triplets

I don’t normally drink coke, especially in the morning, but for some reason I felt that I should get some caffeine before driving to my sisters.  I arrived around 9am and as soon as I walked in the door three cute, adorable 4 year olds came running towards me screaming “AUNT KENDRA!!!…” followed by a bunch of other stuff that I couldn’t keep up with because they were all talking at once and super fast!  I couldn’t put my purse down, I couldn’t take my shows off… no, I just stood there not sure what to do.  My sister, god bless her, looked at me and said “Do I need to make you some coffee?!” HAHA! I of course didn’t need coffee because I knew that caffeine was going to kick in soon, or at least I hoped it would.

My sister also let the boys staying in pajamas all day and Ryan and Trey both had super hero pajamas on that I just had to take a picture of!

My sister told me that the boys wanted to play Wii with me. Uh oh! I haven’t played wii in months.  I was quickly rushed down to the basement and then given a “wiimote!”.  Ryan and Evan set up Mariocart and we were off to the races.  Let’s just say I was HORRIBLE at this game.  I couldn’t believe that two 4 year olds beat me! Mariocart didn’t last long.  Next on the agenda was Mario brothers (or whatever the new Wii version is called).  I decided to just watch.  The boys could manuever around that game faster than my eyes could move!  After an hour and a half (that was the time limit) we stopped playing and headed up stairs.

My sister had bought stuff for us to make soft pretzels and I got help from only one of the boys.  Trey was my chef for the day.  We made chocolate chip pretzels and after I would make the rope for Trey he would fold it into a pretzel.  He didn’t always make a pretzel shape but he did make “fish”.  Unfortunately, the pretzels did not turn out very well but Trey and I had fun making them.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing Leapster, having tickle wars, watching cartoons (old and new), cuddling, laughing, and having lunch.  I had so much fun with my nephews.  To be young and innocent again.

Sunday – Kendra day!

I love the times that I get all to myself to do whatever I want.  I was able to catch up on a couple of my shows that I had recorded.  I went and had lunch alone at a good sandwich place and then I surprised the husband with dinner (well I hoped it was a surprise but he figured it out).

All in all it was a GREAT weekend!  This weekend coming up will not be as busy but that is okay… I need some rest.


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