I struggle with cooking.  I have my basics that I can make just fine but they get old after a while. I’m always wanting to try new things but I like things quick, easy and doesn’t require a lot of clean up.  The husband and I are trying hard to be better about eating at home rather than the “I’ll pick it up on the way home” meal. 

My good friend’s church has a festival every year and at the very end if there is any stromboli dough left over you can buy some.  After trying my friends amazing stromboli I decided to buy some this past year.  Each piece is individually wrapped so when you want to have it you can take out just the right amount from the freezer.  I have attempted several times to make the stromboli in the past but have had no success.

Several weeks ago we were over at our friends house for a birthday dinner and I arrived early to help her make dinner.  Normally I’m the one showing her how to cook but lately she has been a cooking machine (and a baking machine too!) and tonight was her night to teach me!  As we were making the stromboli I realized what I had been doing all wrong.  I thought the sauce went INSIDE the stromboli! Oh No, it doesn’t!!!

Fast forward from the birthday dinner to this past Saturday and while I’m on my way home from my sister’s I’m on the phone with my husband trying to figure out dinner.  This is normally a painful process (haha) because neither of us have any thoughts about dinner but know we need to eat.  After making NO progress on the decision we hung up and about 15 minutes later I called him back and suggested stromboli and a salad.  Not only did he say it was a good idea he said it was a brilliant idea!!!

Once I got closer to home I stopped at the grocery store and picked up the cheese and pepperoni along with the fixin’s for a salad.  I made it home and after telling the husband about my day with the triplets I got started on dinner.  I am pleased to announce that I finally made stromboli the right way and it passed the test of the husband! It was delicious.

Sunday came around and I was going to have a Kendra day but decided to ask the husband if I could surprise him with dinner.  He said yes but told me he was scared! haha… off to the store I went to buy stuff for the perfect pot roast!

I love a good pot roast but can never seem to make it so it falls apart and melts in your mouth.  Well thanks to The Pioneer Woman I was able to make a delicious pot roast!  This roast was amazing.  This roast was simple. And this roast was easy clean up (at least for me because the husband did the dishes!).  Too bad I didn’t try this early in the winter.  Oh well!

Now it is Wednesday and the left overs are gone and we are back at square one with deciding what is for dinner.


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  1. jesyisms
    Mar 10, 2010 @ 11:11:45

    Awwww…..I was mentioned in your blog!! Too sweet! I’m so happy that stromboli turned out great for you, I can’t believe I taught you a recipe.

    For tonight, try Taco Pie. Another easy to do, quick and easy clean up. Do you need the recipe? This is what I typically do:
    ~Pie pan (glass)
    ~line it with crescent roll (I use the reduced fat)
    ~Make up your ground “whatever” and add taco seasoning like you are making tacos (I’ve been using ground turkey)
    ~Add the ground “whatever” to the pie crust
    ~On top of that add sour cream (I use the Kroger reduced fat)
    ~Add cheese
    And pop that bad boy in the oven for about 20-22 minutes at 350 degrees.

    I will say that Kat suggested adding salsa but I haven’t tried that due to hubs not liking tomatoes.



  2. Mindee@ourfrontdoor
    Mar 11, 2010 @ 10:48:52

    My husband has requested that I no longer attempt pot roast because he has eaten too many bad ones. But you can’t go wrong with PW, can you? Maybe if I call it something else . . .


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