Holy Moly… this S*#T is HOT!

Saturday we decided to have Jamaican jerk marinated chicken, corn casserole and asparagus for dinner.  Around noon we started to marinate the chicken.  The hubs suggested that we take a drive to enjoy the day (and so he can enjoy his new truck) and after doing some research on where we could drive to he found a couple wineries in our area.  He narrowed it down to a couple options for me to pick from and after looking further at each one I found the winery I wanted to visit.  I called to see if they do wine tastings and they said they prefer you not to do it during dinner hours.  After much discussion we decided to let the chicken continue to marinade until Sunday and we would do dinner at the winery.

We quickly changed our clothes and were on our way.  We arrived to the winery around 6pm, got seated and waited.  We didn’t receive menus and I think the host mumbled something to me about what is going to happen next but I of course didn’t understand him.  Finally someone came up to our table and told us the wine tasting was about to start.  We tasted 7 different wines and then picked the protein we wanted for the night (this was a cook your own meat restaurant).  We both decided on steak. Picked out our bottle of wine, that was included in the outrageous cost (should have done my research on price before we went, but oh well).  We grilled our steaks, finished off the bottle of wine and headed home.

Dinner time rolled around on Sunday and we got the marinated chicken ready.  Cooking was done and we sat down to eat.  I took one bite of my chicken and was almost blown over! 

This marinade was HOT!

Spicy HOT!

Too HOT to handle!

My mouth was on fire! 

I love spicy hot food but this made me want to drink a gallon of milk to help cool my mouth down!  We bought this marinade when we were in Jamaica and I never noticed the small print on the bottle that read “spicy” until today.  Normally the word spicy doesn’t mean much to me because most “spicy” things really aren’t that spicy but not this stuff.  If you ever happen to get your hands on a bottle of this Jerk marinade be prepared!


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  1. jesyisms
    Mar 11, 2010 @ 15:28:41

    hahaha, I love your “too hot to handle” phrase! Are you going to try it again but only marinade for a few hours? I bet my dad would love it… might have to sneak a bit from you!


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