Last Thursday I fell.

I fell hard. 

It hurt. 

I cried.

And now I have a headache.

I was doing my normal household duty of vacuuming when I tripped on the cord of my vacuum and fell.  It hurt really bad and the headache came on immediately.  I took some medicine and said to myself I’ll be fine.  Throughout the weekend I had a little bit of a headache but didn’t think much of it.  Monday I arrived at work and after a little bit my eyes started to hurt and the pressure around my ears and the back of my head was starting to bother me.  I ended up calling my doctor for an appointment just to make sure everything was okay.

The doctor visit went as expected.  He wanted me to have an MRI just to be safe.  He said it would be one of three things.

1. I was bleeding in my head so bad that I should be dead (we ruled that one out right away since I was sitting there still alive!)

2. I have a slow bleed that will either get worse or eventually get better

3. Post traumatic headache.  It will hurt for a while but will eventually go away

We are hoping it is number three.  He gave me some strong medication and away I went.

Yesterday (Tuesday) I went to have my MRI.  If you have never had one try to keep it that way.  It was not the most fun thing to do.  I have a huge phobia of having my face covered and suffocating so this was not meant for me.  I walked into the room got up on the SMALL table and they strapped my head in.  I was still feeling okay.  Then they put this cage looking thing over my head and the heart rate was getting faster and faster.  Slowly the pushed me back and I panicked.  I starting pushing the button to get me out even though they were standing next to me!  I said to them I couldn’t do it.  I needed to breathe.  After they pulled me out and I took some deep breaths they gave me a cold rag to place over my eyes. Boy, did that help a TON!  Back into the machine I go.  The tech was very good about telling me how long each segment would last and 30 minutes later I was done.  I was given a CD of the images and to me my brain looks normal! (well as normal as it can be).  The doctor called this morning and said the results came back normal and so that means it is #3! So now I will keep popping the pills back to help with the pain and to call him in a few weeks if things don’t get better.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Erin
    Apr 14, 2010 @ 08:28:48

    OMG. I would have had a nervous breakdown!!! Hope your head is feeling better soon!!!


  2. Marla
    Apr 14, 2010 @ 16:45:40

    Oh gosh… How scary.

    I had an MRI once… I was 15 and they thought I had a brain tumor. The thought of the MRI wasn’t near as scary as a possible tumor. I didn’t have one though, thank goodness.

    I hope you start feeling better fast.

    Marla @


  3. Kristin
    Apr 15, 2010 @ 08:40:37

    Holy crap! That would have scared me too!! NOT fun. I think you have a good excuse to never have to vacuum again 🙂


  4. Andrea Rieger
    Apr 16, 2010 @ 18:14:31

    KENDRA!!! what in the world??? are you doing better? and everything else ok? miss you and stay safe in norhood 🙂


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