The BIG debate

It’s definitely a Friday in my office.  Two other co-workers that sit next to me were talking about the show Marriage Ref.  We were talking about two different episodes: one about a stripper pole and one about having a dead dog taxidermy. 

This is a conversation with my fellow employee, who is in his late 50’s.

me: so a guy called into the show saying he wanted to have a stripper pole put into his bedroom.

co-worker: that would be great. I wouldn’t mind having a stripper pole in my room

me: are you going to pay for your wife to have classes to learn how to use the pole?

co-worker: no! a stripper is going to come with the pole!

#2 co-worker: what about having your dead dog taxidermy?  Would you do that?

co-worker: no, I would much rather have the stripper pole and stripper then see my dead dog everyday.


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