What a Weekend

Friday – Husband and I cleaned the house and relaxed. (nothing too exciting)

Saturday – got up around 9 and made breakfast (crepes for the 3rd or 4th time), finished our cleaning and then husbands brother, his wife, and baby came over for the afternoon.  We made delicious grilled chicken, apple, and sage pesto sandwiches!  Us adult girls were able to get away for the afternoon for about 45 minutes to go shopping.  Saturday night hubs and I watched movies and called it a night around 11.

Sunday – we woke up around 10 or so, made breakfast, ran to the mall for a bit and then came home to babysit.  Our friends were going to a concert and we agreed to watch their 8 month old.  They got to our house around 2:30.  From 2:30 until about 6 the little guy did pretty good.  Unfortunately, around 6 you could tell his teeth were bothering him and the crying started.  We tried medicine, walking around, playing with toys, etc and nothing was working for him.  Around 7 we were able to get him to calm down so he would eat.  He only ate about half of what his parents brought and then the crying started again.  Nothing was working to get him to stop crying.  Finally husband (who does not like to be around crying babies) took over.  He walked up to our room and finally the little guy fell asleep around 8:30.  We laid him on our bed and one of us stayed in there until his parents picked him up around 11.  The cutest thing was our cat, Nutmeg, was laying on the bed with him and every time he made a noise Nutmeg would look over at him and make sure he was okay.

I am happy to report that the little guy slept great at home last night!

Now on to a busy week of work, working out, seeing a musical, and relaxing!


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