3 Inches?! Seriously?!

I haven’t been the best at giving my weigh-in updates.  And unfortunately the reason behind this lack of updates is because I haven’t been too happy with the results.  I feel like I have been working so hard and only to be let down on weigh in day.

I am currently going to the gym 4 days a week (two-three of those times I’m with my trainer).  I do cardio each time on either the elliptical or the aqua fit class… yet still no results.  My diet seems to be pretty good.  I’m drinking water like I should but still nothing to write home about.  People keep saying they can tell I’ve lost weight but I don’t see it (and the scale doesn’t either, apparently) so I just smile and say thanks!

So the results of the most recent weigh in (July 12th, 2010):

pounds lost: 3

total inches lost: 5 1/2″

This weigh in was after a month of working out.  The crazy thing is that of those 5 1/2″ lost 3″ of it was my shoulders! My dumb shoulders! I didn’t realize that shoulders could be so fat! Why couldn’t those three inches come off of my stomach area?

What to do from here?

I have given up on having a goal of pounds lost.  (Well kind of). Yes, I’m still going to weigh myself but I’m going to try (key word there) to focus more on the amount of cardio I’m doing, the food I’m eating and total inches lost.

I’m taking the month of August off from working out with my trainer to focus on cardio.  I’m sure hoping that during this time I will see some better results.

Fingers crossed.


One Year

You were a precious gift from God above,
so much beauty, grace and love.
You touched our hearts in so many ways,
your smile so bright even on the bad days.
You heard God’s whisper calling you home,
you didn’t want to go and leave us alone.
You loved us so much, you held on tight,
till all the strength was gone and you could no longer fight.
you knew you couldn’t make him wait anymore.
So you gave your hand to God and slowly drifted away,
knowing that with our love we will be together again some day.

I miss you mom.

Thank you for NOTHING… (well almost nothing)

Wow! It has been awhile since I’ve written anything.  I have been really busy at work and just haven’t had much time for anything.  As stated in my last post my vacation was okay.  The trip home was not.

6:30 – wake up

7:00 – leave for airport

7:15 – arrive at airport and check in only to see a message saying “please see someone in customer service as there has been a change in your ticket”

oh great! What could this be.

7:30 – talk to ticket agent to find out that my flight from Chicago to Cincinnati was cancelled! They get me on another flight but it arrives 3 hours later than I was supposed to. I’m frustrated at this point because I just want to get home.  I call the husband to let him know what is going on and he is not happy either. 

8:15 – board plane

8:45 – pilot says that all flights travelling in and out of Chicago are grounded and we will not be leaving for another 3 hours!

9 – call husband again and tell him that I don’t know when I’m going to be getting home.

10:15 – everyone re-boards the plane and we are on our way to Chicago.

3:30 – arrive in Chicago, turn on my cell phone to find 3 voice mails from the airline saying my next flight has been cancelled and they now have me on a flight for the next day!

3:35 – look at departure screen and see that there is a flight leaving for Cincinnati in 15 minutes on the other side of the airport. I RUN… and… I don’t make it!

3:50 – get in line for customer service and also call the airline to see if something can be done.

4:30 – moved maybe 5 feet in the line and also get hung up on by the airline after being on hold for 45 minutes!!!

4:45 – call airline back and express my frustrations.  “I’m sorry we hung up on you.  Let me see what we can do to compensate you.  Ok, I can give you $250 towards the purchase of your next ticket (I do not travel that often people!)

6:00 – still in line and still have a way to go.  Hungry and need to go to the bathroom but cannot leave the line because I’m alone

7:50 – finally get to the front of the line only to confirm that I am on the flight for the morning and there is nothing they can do to get me on an earlier flight.  They did give me a piece of paper that had a phone number to call to get a hotel.  I call the number only to find out there are no hotels available (because EVERYONE is delayed with me!)

8:30 – find a place to charge my phone. Go to the bathroom. Get some food.

9:30 – still wandering around the airport, bored

11:30 – trying to find a place that is cool enough for me to relax (I think I had a fever)

1:30am – still awake and walking around

3:30am – so tired but could not find a comfortable place to lay down and didn’t feel comfortable going to sleep

5:00 – McDonald’s opens so I get some breakfast

6:50 – board the plane

9:30 – arrive in Cincinnati

10:30 – eat brunch with the husband

noon – home, showered, and crawling into bed

2:00pm – wake up

8:00pm – back to bed for the night! Gotta go to work in the morning!