Thank you for NOTHING… (well almost nothing)

Wow! It has been awhile since I’ve written anything.  I have been really busy at work and just haven’t had much time for anything.  As stated in my last post my vacation was okay.  The trip home was not.

6:30 – wake up

7:00 – leave for airport

7:15 – arrive at airport and check in only to see a message saying “please see someone in customer service as there has been a change in your ticket”

oh great! What could this be.

7:30 – talk to ticket agent to find out that my flight from Chicago to Cincinnati was cancelled! They get me on another flight but it arrives 3 hours later than I was supposed to. I’m frustrated at this point because I just want to get home.  I call the husband to let him know what is going on and he is not happy either. 

8:15 – board plane

8:45 – pilot says that all flights travelling in and out of Chicago are grounded and we will not be leaving for another 3 hours!

9 – call husband again and tell him that I don’t know when I’m going to be getting home.

10:15 – everyone re-boards the plane and we are on our way to Chicago.

3:30 – arrive in Chicago, turn on my cell phone to find 3 voice mails from the airline saying my next flight has been cancelled and they now have me on a flight for the next day!

3:35 – look at departure screen and see that there is a flight leaving for Cincinnati in 15 minutes on the other side of the airport. I RUN… and… I don’t make it!

3:50 – get in line for customer service and also call the airline to see if something can be done.

4:30 – moved maybe 5 feet in the line and also get hung up on by the airline after being on hold for 45 minutes!!!

4:45 – call airline back and express my frustrations.  “I’m sorry we hung up on you.  Let me see what we can do to compensate you.  Ok, I can give you $250 towards the purchase of your next ticket (I do not travel that often people!)

6:00 – still in line and still have a way to go.  Hungry and need to go to the bathroom but cannot leave the line because I’m alone

7:50 – finally get to the front of the line only to confirm that I am on the flight for the morning and there is nothing they can do to get me on an earlier flight.  They did give me a piece of paper that had a phone number to call to get a hotel.  I call the number only to find out there are no hotels available (because EVERYONE is delayed with me!)

8:30 – find a place to charge my phone. Go to the bathroom. Get some food.

9:30 – still wandering around the airport, bored

11:30 – trying to find a place that is cool enough for me to relax (I think I had a fever)

1:30am – still awake and walking around

3:30am – so tired but could not find a comfortable place to lay down and didn’t feel comfortable going to sleep

5:00 – McDonald’s opens so I get some breakfast

6:50 – board the plane

9:30 – arrive in Cincinnati

10:30 – eat brunch with the husband

noon – home, showered, and crawling into bed

2:00pm – wake up

8:00pm – back to bed for the night! Gotta go to work in the morning!


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mindee@ourfrontdoor
    Jul 06, 2010 @ 08:55:50



    We had a similar experience 2 summers ago in the DFW airport. It’s awful. At least you weren’t traveling with kids!


  2. Megan (Best of Fates)
    Jul 15, 2010 @ 09:28:13

    What a horrible traveling experience – I’m glad you finally made it home!


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