Happy Anniversary

Four years ago I married my best friend.  That day came so fast and left even quicker.  Over the last four years we have sure had our ups and downs.  We have started new jobs, bought a house, purchased a car, gone on some fun vacations, had surgeries, had to say goodbye to my mom, and so much more.  Through all of these good and bad times we have held on to eachother.  I love him more each day.  I look forward to many more years with this crazy man!

Wedding day memories –

going to the car wash and mall with my hair and make up done and being with my bridesmaids.

Bringing the rings with me to the salon only to find out that he needed them so my matron of honor had to run home to give them to him!

Seeing him for the first time and showing him my special underwear (haha… they covered the something new and something blue)! 

Getting ready to be announced at the reception and the groom is no where to be found! He left the CD (with all of our songs) at our apartment! Luckily, the DJ found the songs and the groom came back.

Leaving the reception to go to the hotel only to realize that we were in seperate cars (my new sister in law was very sick and we just wanted to get her to bed!)

Having our hotel room wall back up to his parents hotel room wall! (made lots of noise just to be fun!)

and many more…

Happy Anniversary! I love you!



I was told by someone that my priorities are not right. 

I was shocked by this comment.  Hurt by this comment.  I became angry by this comment. 

The conversation didn’t go as I wanted it to.

It ended with me being hung up on. 

Weeks have passed since I had this conversation and I’m still hurt.

Only time will tell if things will get better.

Until then… I’ll wait.


My department moved into a new office this week.

I got a bigger desk area.

It smells like fresh paint and new carpet.

I’ve lost another 5 pounds.

22 days until vacation.

It is finally Friday.

I won 4 meals to Qdoba today.

I never win anything.

It is hot here in Ohio.

I’m done.