Starbucks… get your starbucks!

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An Award!

Thank you to Kat at Living Like the Kings for this award!                                                   

There are the rules in accepting this bloggy award.
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7 things about me:

1. I have been married 4 wonderful years to my husband. We met in high school but were NOT friends.  We started dating our freshman year of college.

2. I am originally from Washington State, moved to California, and now live in Ohio. I hope to leave Ohio someday.

3.  I love reality TV (yes I know that Kat said the same thing).  I love the Amazing Race, Big Brother, Biggest Loser, Hell’s Kitchen, Top Chef, and my list can go on! My DVR is packed with all the good stuff!

4. I am not a fan of dogs.  I grew up with cats and now that I’m married I’m going to be forced to have a dog.  I don’t like big animals that jump up on people and lick them!

5. Flat tires and I are good friends! I get at least 2 flat tires a year.  I just got one last night.  I told my husband my next car will tell me when I need to add air!

6. I am obsessed with the color red.  My friends make fun of me all the time for it.

7. I love ice cream.  It is a food group to me but because of trying to shed some pounds I have only had it 3 times in the last 4 months! Oh, how I miss it!

So now… a few new blogs that I have stumbled upon recently.

A day in Mollywood – love her writing. Her two boys are super cute!

Katy’s Neverending Story – starting her new life in New York with her new husband is an adventure she takes all of us on

The Mac’s – inspiring family

Team Koller – another inspiring family

3 more weeks…

I have only three more weeks of my current position!  After that I take a huge leap into the world of management.  I am going from never having any direct reports to having 30 people under me! Pure craziness!  I’m excited and nervous. More later.