It’s been awhile…

Wow! It has been a good while since I’ve written a blog.  Life has been busy but unimportant. 

A quick update:

October – I had a birthday and started a new job.  I am now a manager! YAHOO!!!  This was a tough decision for me because I really enjoyed my last job but I was asked to apply and I thought “why not?”  About 3 weeks after I applied I was offered the position.  I am enjoying it so far.  I do miss my old unit at the hospital at times but I luckily get to see them still.

November – Several of my friends are pregnant so lots of baby talk and planning for the little ones to join our group of friends!  My husband also got a promotion! (we are moving up in the world… finally!)  This week is Thanksgiving so we will be going to my sister’s house to celebrate.

See… nothing too exciting to write an entire blog about.  I will try to get better about writing more I just lead an uneventful life!

More later…